Cost: Only $90/each

FAMILY Application

INDIVIDUAL Application

Hit All Day – Everyday. Baseball, Softball or Fast-Pitch Softball

What is included in Batting Range Season Pass?

  • The BATTING RANGE SEASON PASS entitles Season Pass Holder to ONE (1) UNLIMITED BATTING WRISTBAND per day, every day of the 2018 BATTING RANGE Season.
  • BATTING RANGE SEASON PASS MEMBERS are also entitled to the following throughout 2018 Season (regular business hours of each attraction):
    • Karts Plus Pass
      • $25.99 (Regularly $32.99) SAVE $7.00
      • Must be used by Season Pass Holder (not transferable)
    • Plus Pass
      • $16.99 (Regularly $22.99) SAVE $6.00
      • Must be used by Season Pass Holder (not transferable)
    • Gameroom Specials:
      • $5 in Game Play: $4.00 (Regularly $5.00 - Card value ALWAYS good) SAVE $1.00
    • 2018 Swings-N-Things Season “Plus” Pass:
      • $80 (Regularly $90) SAVE $10.00
    • Paintball Specials:
      • Rent-N-Play or Paint-N-Play Package at Paintball Village: $25.99 (Regularly $32.99) SAVE $7.00
      • Paintball Village 2017 Season Field Pass: $80 (Regularly $90) SAVE $10

Batting Season Pass Details:

  • Batting Range Pass is valid from March 4, 2018 - October 22, 2018.  Weather may impact certain days available, particularly in March, April, September, and October.  Batting Range is open only on weekends during certain times in the four months previously mentioned.  Hours may vary, check HERE or call 440.235.4420 for updated hours
  • Swings-N-Things reserves the right to alter dates, times, and conditions of Season Pass without notice. Swings-N-Things will occasionally close the park for a large corporate outing. This typically will happen 1 – 3 times per year. In most cases, the park will open to the public at 5:00 pm. Our website will always list these changes.
  • Swings-N-Things is committed to the highest degree of equipment maintenance, but as with all things mechanical, equipment does breakdown at times. It is very rare when the entire Batting Range is closed for repairs, but if/when that occurs, there is no substitution of attractions. Occasionally a particular pitching machine may be closed for repairs, but since our baseball machines are set in 5 mph increments and with 5 Slow Pitch Softball Machines, there are normally a variety of pitching machines always available.
  • The Batting Range at Swings-N-Things can operate through most inclement weather, but it is our policy to temporarily close an attraction(s) when conditions (i.e. lightening) threaten our guests and team members. There is NO substitution of attractions when this occurs. It should be noted that we close the 70, 75 & 80 mph pitching machines when it is raining or the concrete “field area” is wet.
  • Acts of God (i.e. floods, lightening, tornados, etc.) and circumstances beyond Swings-N-Things control (power outage, disruption of water, natural gas leak, etc.) are not reasons for substitution of attractions.
  • Bearer of this pass accepts all inherent risks associated with attractions. Failure to observe rules and regulations can result in forfeiture of all rights associated with Season Pass.
  • Swings-N-Things reserves the right to revoke a Season Pass without recourse or refund for any reason, including, but not limited to the following:
    • Violation of Park Rules and/or Safety Regulations (see Batting Range Safety Rules below)
    • Assisting another person in obtaining unauthorized entry into the park.
    • Any violation of local, state or federal laws on Swings-N-Things premises.
    • Any conduct deemed by Swings-N-Things management to interfere with other guests’ enjoyment of the park.
    • Loitering at the park.
    • This pass should NOT be construed as a “babysitting” service. Swings-N-Things cannot accept responsibility for children “dropped-off” by parents and/or guardians. It is each parent’s responsibility to determine if their child is capable of being left alone at Swings-N-Things without adult supervision for a given period of time. We do not feel it is appropriate for any child under 10 to be left at the park unsupervised.
  • Season Passes may not be sold by any third party under any circumstance (unless authorized in writing by Swings-N-Things Management).
  • Season Pass may only be used by Season Pass Holder noted on card & application.
    • Season Pass will be automatically revoked if anyone other than the Pass Holder attempts to use it. Charges will be filed against the Pass Holder and the person fraudulently attempting to use the pass.
  • There is a $10.00 fee for lost or stolen Season Passes
  • The Season Pass is non-refundable, and non-transferable.
  • Season Pass may NOT be used as admission to any Group Outing or Birthday Party.
  • No food or drink items may be brought on Swings-N-Things property.
  • Batting Range Season Pass Holders should be aware of the Safety Rules of the Batting Range:
    • Batters must wear approved protective batting helmets while batting in a baseball and/or fast-pitch softball machine. (Swings-N-Things supplies these types of helmets). We strongly recommend that helmets have a protective face mask affixed to it (ours have face masks). You maywear your own helmet if  it is an approved helmet. If a batter chooses to bat with their own helmet without a protective face mask, they accept all liability if an injury occurs.
    • If a machine is pitching out of the strike zone, please report that information to an attendant immediately.
    • Only one batter in a stall at a time.
    • No switch hitting during a round.
    • Shoes must be worn while batting. NO sandals, flip-flops, etc.
    • Batters must not be under the influence of drugs/and or alcohol while batting.
    • Accidents must be reported immediately.
    • Pitching machines pitch both balls and strikes, so please be aware at all times.
    • Do not stand on home plate.
    • Be alert for balls rolling under your feet.
    • Batters must be at least 6 years old to use batting cages.
    • Batters must be at least 16 years old to use the very fast cages (75 & 80 mph)
    • Batters under 10 years old, must be supervised by an adult while batting.
  • Your personal information will never be sold or shared with a third party.
  • To receive your UNLIMITED BATTING WRISTBAND, simply show your Season Pass at the BATTING RANGE Window. A Swings-N-Things Team member must affix wristband to be valid. Wristband is invalid once it has been removed, cut or torn.
  • Batting Range Attendant will “activate” the pitching machine of the
    batter’s choice, for up to two rounds of batting.
  • There is a two round (20 pitches) limit per stay in the stall if another guest is waiting to use the same stall. Each round includes 10 pitches.
  • Batting Range Season Pass Holders may take as many rounds of batting as they wish throughout Swings-N-Things normal business hours of operation.