Scenario FieldThis professionally designed field should be a real treat for players in the eastern U.S. who may have never seen a paintball field quite like this. Designed to look like a primitive, bombed out village the scenario field provides a dramatic setting for paintball players of all skill levels.

The scenario field is 200' x 125' and is enclosed with 20' high netting. Burned out cars and trucks dot the streets of the village. The field was designed to maximize game play by providing a fun and challenging layout that will create dramatic games time after time.

The surface of the field is sand for both effect and functionality. Sand provides a very safe, forgiving surface for the players.

The scenario field is illuminated for evening play and is extremely spectator friendly and safe with benches so you can watch the all of the action from the sidelines.

The end result is the ultimate paintball experience. Whether you are brand new to the sport or a veteran, the Paintball Village scenario field is something you have to experience!