Checking your schedule

Your upcoming schedule will be posted online at by 8pm on Satuday of the current week. You may also want to exchange phone numbers with fellow team members in order to make any necessary shift changes. YOU ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING WHEN YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK. We will NOT call you with your schedule.

Calling Off

Calling off for your shift unexpectedly should be avoided if at all possible. But in the case of an illness or family emergency, you must speak directly with a Park Manger. Leaving a message on a voicemail is not acceptable. We also ask that you call, do not have parents or friends calling for you. Again, calling off should only occur for illness or emergencies. If this system is abused, it will likely lead to disciplinary actions or separation. A doctor’s note may be required in some instances.

We will change the password periodically and when Team Members no longer work with us

If you need any help, please ask!