It is extremely rare that a guest at Swings-N-Things cannot be accommodated due to their exceptional size. The only attractions with posted weight limits are the Bumper Boats which have a 450 pound maximum capacity. This includes the combined weight of the driver and passengers in the Bumper Boats. (Boats typically have one person/boat but can accomodate up to three total people IF the passengers are under 52" and the combined weight does NOT exceed 275 lbs.)

All of our Go-Karts are equipped with four-point (Straps extending vertically down over each shoulder connected to a horizontal lap belt that is secured to the kart on each side) “Racing Harnesses” to provide maximum protection to our guests in the event of a collision while riding. Standard seat belt extenders are available to guests requiring them. Guests who have their own are welcome to use them.

All Go-Karts have “fixed” steering columns/wheels and seats (unlike many on-the-road vehicles that have adjustable seats and steering wheels). The distance from the bottom of the steering wheel to the back of the seat is 20”. The driver must be able to maneuver the steering wheel without being impeded by their body for the safety of themselves and other riders. The distance between the accelerator and brake pedals is 39”. Seat cushions of various thicknesses are available to insert between themselves and the seat to those riders who have difficulty comfortably reaching the pedals. All of our Grand Prix Go-Karts have an “open-body” design allowing most guests who are extremely tall to drive without their knees being impeded by a body of a Go Kart.

Our Rookie Karts are available to EVERYONE (Adult or Child) who are at least 48” tall or have a valid driver’s license. Similar to the Grand Prix Karts, the distance between the seat and the bottom of the steering wheel is 20”. Since these Karts are designed primarily for the enjoyment of our younger riders, the distance between the pedals and the seat is only 32” (7” shorter than the Grand Prix Karts). Seat pads are available to those riders who have difficulty comfortably reaching the pedals. Unlike the Grand Prix Karts, the Rookie Karts have a fiberglass body which does impact the leg room of taller riders.