All items found or turned into Swings-N-Things are kept in the Gameroom Office for the remainder of the day they are found or turned in. If you have lost an item during your visit to Swings-N-Things, simply go to the Gameroom Prize Counter to inquire if it has been found or turned in. If it has not yet been found or turned in, fill-out an “Item Lost” Form and when/if it is returned we will notify you immediately.

When items are found or turned in, they are recorded with a description of the item, where it was found and the time/date, etc. Typically, our Park Manager-On-Duty will respectfully look for any identification on the item that would allow him/her to make an announcement over the Public Address System while you may still be in the Park or to notify you via phone that the item has been found. If another guest turned in the lost item, their contact information is also kept in the event you wish to personally thank or reward that person.

At the end of each day, any items not claimed will be secured in Swings-N-Things Main Office. If you realize later that you have lost an item, possibly during a visit to Swings-N-Things, simply call (440) 235-4420 X 105 and report your loss. We will keep your report active for 30 days in the event the item is found later. For any item that is being claimed, please understand for the protection of the owner, we will require a positive identification of the person and an accurate description of the lost item.