To receive maximum value of Swings-N-Things UNLIMITED ALL DAY “KART’S PLUS PASS”, a guest must be at least 48” tall OR have a valid Driver’s License. Guests whose height may be in question are typically measured at the PERSONAL SERVICE WINDOW for retail guests or in one of the Picnic Areas for Group Outing Members. For the safety of children being measured, a standard play shoe which does not contribute excessively to the child’s height is permitted. Platform or any other similar shoes that artificially adds to the child’s height are prohibited to be worn in order to meet this height requirement.

If you are purchasing Karts Plus Passes on-line (save on-line), please measure anyone whose height may be in question VERY CAREFULLY prior to making your purchase! If after purchasing a Karts Plus Pass on-line (save on-line), you find after arriving at the Park that a member of your party you thought was tall enough is not, there is NO CASH REFUND. In this case, we will refund the difference in your choice of Gameroom ($.25/ value) or Batting ($1.00/ value) Tokens. We cannot emphasize enough how CLOSELY WE MEASURE and adhere to these rules. Parents cannot accept responsibility of allowing one of their children to ride if they do not meet the minimum requirement.