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Unlike most Parks, there is NO ADMISSION or “GATE CHARGE” to enter Swings-N-Things, you pay only for the attractions you participate in. When visiting Swings-N-Things, you are not required to purchase anything, you may choose to just bring the kids or grandkids in and follow them around the park. What could be easier? Parents and Grandparents may accompany their kids on the Miniature Golf Courses at NO CHARGE! Keep score for them, be their caddies, whatever – just have a GREAT TIME! But if you putt, you must pay.

It will be necessary to pay if you wish to ride along with them on the Grand Prix Go-Karts (Double Karts) or the Bumper Boats. Each of these attractions offers great viewing areas of the rides and lines. You are not permitted in line for these attractions without a ticket or wristband.

Kids Korner, for kids 10 & under, located in the Gameroom has No Admission Charge for Parents and Grandparents. Shoes are NOT permitted to be worn while in the “Softplay Unit” (slides, crawl-through play areas, etc.) although socks are required to be worn for hygiene safety. Socks are available for purchase.

Swings-N-Things offers individual Ride/Attraction Tickets and also offers several different UNLIMITED ALL DAY PLAY WRISTBANDS which are our most popular item.

A “KARTS PLUS PASS WRISTBAND” permits the bearer to UNLIMITED Rounds of Miniature Golf, UNLIMITED Rides on the Grand Prix Go-Kart Track (must be at least 58” tall or have a valid driver’s license to be driver), UNLIMITED Rides on the Rookie Track (Must be at least 48” tall or have a valid driver’s license), UNLIMITED Bumper Boat Rides (Must be at least 44” tall to be driver/Boats have a maximum capacity of 450 pounds), UNLIMITED PLAY in Kids Korner (for kids 10 & under/socks required) and a Karts Plus Pass also entitles bearer to discounts on Gameroom and Batting Range Tokens. It also entitles bearer to a major discount on a Paintball Village Package if purchased and used the same day.

A “PLUS PASS WRISTBAND” permits the bearer to everything in the Karts Plus Pass EXCEPT UNLIMITED GO-KART RIDES and the discount on the Paintball Village Package. A PLUS PASS does permit the bearer to PASSENGER RIDES on the Grand Prix Track ( Passenger must be at least 3 years old and 40” tall and the driver must be at least 18 years of age) and the Bumper Boat Rides (Passenger must be at least 3 years old and under 52”tall).

All OUTDOOR RIDE ATTRACTIONS and ALL DAY UNLIMITED PLAY WRISTBANDS may be purchased at the Personal Service Window located outside adjacent to the Miniature Golf Courses or On-Line (save on-line).

With the exception of our Route 66 Mini Bowling Lanes (operate with dollar bill acceptors), all games in our Gameroom operate with the use of an SNTFUN Card which may be purchased in any dollar amount at the Prize Counter or at our two Kiosks located throughout the Gameroom or On-Line (save on-line). Unused values cannot be refunded but if you don’t use all of the tokens you purchased, no problem, they’re ALWAYS GOOD!

The Batting Range operates on tokens. Tokens for the Batting Range (10 pitches/token) may be purchased at the Batting Window located just outside the Gameroom exit.  Similar to the SNTFUN Cards, Batting Tokens may not be refunded but if you don’t use all of the tokens purchased just bring them back on your next visit – they’re ALWAYS GOOD!

Paintball Village requires a separate admission for players but also has great viewing areas for spectators who do not wish to play (or pay). Purchase Paintball Village admissions, etc. at the Paintball Village Pro Shop located at the east end (rear) of Swings-N-Things or On-Line (save on-line).

It should be noted that Swings-N-Things was designed with plenty of seating areas throughout the park (inside and out) for parents to relax, maintain eye contact with their kids but not feel like they’re in the middle of a playground. This would be a great time to enjoy a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor from our famous HOMEMADE ICE CREAM SHOPPE – The Ice Creamery! ENJOY YOUR VISIT!